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23 Power Road Bayswater, Vic 3153
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SensoGel offers additional cooling support with our gel-infused memory foam design. This collection takes our therapeutic, pressure relieving, ventilated memory foam and infuses an extra level of gel support particles for maximum sleeping comfort.

The SensoClassic collection offers high quality memory foam products at an affordable price. SensoClassic incorporates an open-cell, memory foam design responding to different body shapes for maximised comfort; enabling a deeper, more recuperative sleep.

SensoLoft includes a perfect blend of fibre fill with the support of a bamboo charcoal infused inner core. Bamboo is a natural thermal regulator with anti-bacterial properties. The SensoLoft range is encased in a hypoallergenic machine washable cover making it not only comfortable and supportive but allergen-friendly too.

Mattress in a box

Our mattresses are created with open-cell, responsive memory foam, this helps cradle and support your body whilst offering no partner disturbance. Our mattresses are supportive, comfortable and have a medium density.

We use the latest technology to vacuum seal our mattresses in a box that makes shipping and transportation easy. Each mattress also comes with a bamboo and aloe-vera infused cover that is machine washable and hypoallergenic.


All of our pillows are engineered with open-cell memory foam, which provides the ultimate in support, durability and comfort. The open-cell design allows air to flow through the material, this helps you sleep cooler throughout the night. Each pillow is then designed uniquely offering customers the choice in comfort, cooling, odour-elimination and latex-like. Each pillow comes with an hypoallergenic cover that can be removed and cleaned.

Mattress Enhancers

Change your bed density or temperature with one of our mattress enhancers. Made from open-cell, responsive memory foam, that comes in a three different types; gel-infused, bounce or classic. Each offer a unique element to your night’s rest. Our enhancers come with 100% cotton quilted cover and varying thicknesses.

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