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  • SensoHarmony Mattress in a box – HM20

    SensoHarmony Mattress in a box – HM20

    SensoHarmony comes with a unique combination of memory foam, bamboo and aloe vera, our mattress is both comfortable and hygienic. The memory foam is encased in a washable bamboo and aloe vera blend cover for added protection from dust and spills.

    SensoHarmony offers the sleeper an allergy free bed that has been treated with Green First, a natural anti-dust mite solution.

    This responsive memory foam mattress offers the sleeper no partner disturbance. Providing pressure relief to joints whilst allowing your body to have correct spinal alignment during your sleeping hours.

    SensoHarmony mattress conveniently arrives compacted inside a box, making it simple for the consumer to pop the mattress in the car and take it home.


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