SensoGel – Mattress Enhancer – SGE – Gel Infused

Our mattress enhancers are made for consumers who still love their current mattress, but want the added benefits of memory foam without the full commitment. SensoPlus mattress enhancers come with corner straps (5cm) or a fitted skirt (6 & 7cm), creating a firm fit that will not slip off the original mattress.

SensoGel mattress enhancers offer premium support with our gel-infused memory foam design. The specially designed collection takes the therapeutic, ventilated memory foam and adds gel support particles for optimum sleeping comfort. These particles bond with the foam, allowing more airflow to regulate the mattress temperature throughout the night. The enhancers are covered with a cooling fabric for a truly refreshing and comfortable night’s rest. Use in combination with your choice of SensoGel pillow for the ultimate gel experience.


5cm Enhancers 6cm Enhancers 7cm Enhancers
Size: Code:   Size: Code:   Size: Code:
Single: SGE5S Single: SGE6S Single: SGE7S
King Single: SGE5KS Double: SGE6D King Single: SGE7KS
Double: SGE5D Queen: SGE6Q Double: SGE7D
Queen: SGE5Q King: SGE6KS Queen: SGE7Q
King: SGE5KS King: SGE7KS

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Memory Foam Type

Gel Infused


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