SensoGel Traditional Pillow – SGTP – Gel Infused

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SensoGel offers additional cooling support with our gel-infused memory foam design.

This specially designed collection takes our therapeutic, pressure relieving, ventilated memory foam and infuses an extra level of gel support particles for maximum sleeping comfort.

SensoGel is wrapped in a cooling fabric for a truly cool and comfortables night’s rest.


  • Washable hypoallergenic honeycomb patterned cover for allergy sensitive sleepers
  • Responsive memory foam cradles the neck, head and shoulders providing ultimate support
  • Gel infused memory foam relieves heat build up during sleep for optimum relaxation|
  • Ventilated open-cell memory foam is designed to maximise airflow

Foam Care:

DO NOT WASH OR USE DETERGENTS, Spot clean with a damp cloth and ensure the pillow is completely dry before re-use. 

Cover Care:

DO NOT BLEACH OR DRY CLEAN, Warm machine wash and tumble dry when appropriate and use a cool iron if applicable.

Additional information

Product Number


Memory Foam Type

Gel Infused

Pillow Size

60 x 40 x 14cm high

2 reviews for SensoGel Traditional Pillow – SGTP – Gel Infused

  1. Loretta

    I love th pillow. I have beeN using it for a few months now and i am really impressesd with it . ProviDes me with awesome pressUre relief around my neck and shoulders and the gells have worked so well in getting me to sleep during our hot melbourne nights . Money well spent

  2. Jess

    This is the best pillow i have ever sLePt on.
    I am buying more for my family.

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